Fotos MQ & UHQ: Kiowa Gordon en SCAD Presents aTVfest - Day 2




Happy Valentines Day. :)

Thank you Tori! Happy valentines day

How do you change into a wolf? Does it hurt?

I don’t know…but my body starts to shake and burn them I’m a wolf hahah if it makes any sence

Okay babe, don't be late <3

I’m almost at home!


Augh! Hahaha what’s up Tori?! :)

He's sleeping as usual. *smiles*

*laughs* I’m comming home ok?!

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Ooc: I hope everything is okay :)

Ooc: yeah! I’m just totally busy these days sorry

She smiled, "now I am..." She said kissing him again. She slowly undressed him too, lingering her hands against his skin.

He moaned a little with her touch.”What are doing?Teasing me.” He smirked getting into the tub.

She filled the tub with hot water and soothing bubbles and took off her clothes slowly. She smirked and walked over to him, and kissed him softly.

Embry pulled her closer caressing her side.”Are you relaxed now?”he said kissing her.